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Sony DVWM2000P, Digital Betacam Studio Recorder, 1/2" tape transport, Betacam SP, Betacam SX and MPEG IMX PB

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Sony DVW-M2000P

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When high quality is your top priority.

Digital Betacam is in widespread use world-wide for the production of very high quality programme material. There is a substantial installed base of products and the format is readily accepted by many of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters. You can choose from a range of camcorders, studio VTRs, office players and a portable recorder for productions such as drama, natural history, arts, commercials or where you need to guarantee the best results for general TV programming.

The DVW-M2000P is the most fully featured VTR in the Digital Betacam line-up. It replaces the DVW-A500P, which for the last 10 years has been the de-facto tool for standard definition productions of the highest quality. The DVW-M2000P records and replays Digital Betacam component digital video. And for the first time in a Digital Betacam VTR, it also replays Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX and MPEG IMX cassettes.

The DVW-M2000P packs high quality video performance, 4 channels of 20 bit digital audio and class-leading editing performance into a compact 4U chassis.


Fast familiar editing performance

Operators around the world are familiar with the editing features provided by the DVW-A500P. The same easy-to-use controls have been designed into the DVW-M2000P. Assemble, Insert and Pre-read editing combined with smooth Jog and Shuttle control keeps the edit session moving at a rapid pace.

Long record duration onto digital tape

The DVW-M2000P records up to 124 minutes onto a large Digital Betacam cassette and up to 40 minutes onto a small cassette. That's significantly more than the capacity of a Betacam SP VTR, and the pictures look better too.

Flexible signal interfaces

The DVW-M2000P has composite and component analogue, and SDI inputs and outputs as standard. Audio can be input and output from the DVW-M2000P via the analogue, AES/EBU or SDI interfaces which are a standard feaure of every machine.

Industry-standard remote control interface

The RS-422A control port allows control from a wide range of Sony and third party controllers. You can quickly connect the recorder to your favourite edit controllers for studio or outside productions.

Easy integration into existing cart systems

Digital Betacam VTRs are the ideal machines with which to digitise an existing Betacam SP "on-air" facility. The
DVW-M2000P is the same 4U height as the MSW-M2000P/1 Series MPEG IMX VTRs, and can be installed into Sony or third party cart machines with minimum disruption to your operation.

Audio "track bouncing" for speedy sound editing

Each of the 4 channels of 20 bit digital audio can be independently edited, and audio can be edited seperate to video even in pre-read mode. So, you can "bounce" audio tracks from channel to channel for complete flexibility in audio post production.

Automatic alignment after routine maintenance

Automatic alignment of the signal path after routine servicing is achieved via the Maintenance Menu of the DVW-M2000P. This speeds up routine maintenance and keeps operational downtime to a minimum.

High Definition Up-conversion with optional plug-in board

In recognition of the continued increase in the number of High Definition productions, a plug-in HD Up-convertor board can be fitted into the DVW-M2000P. This provides a 1080/50i output via HD-SDI from Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam cassettes.

Memory Stick slot for rapid VTR configuration

A Memory Stick slot is located at the front of the VTR, and operational set-ups can be uploaded and downloaded to the DVW-M2000P from the Memory Stick. This feature is especially useful to quickly reset to a standard set-up after VTRs are returned from hire.


High quality pictures for your prestige productions

Digital Betacam was the first recording format from Sony to use data compression of the digital video signal. A very mild compression ratio was chosen to ensure that picture quality remains extremely high, especially for productions requiring complex multi-generation editing. Today, Digital Betacam equipment is in widespread use for productions where the best quality output is a mandatory requirement.

16:9 operation for widescreen programming

Widescreen production has been on the increase for a number of years, and the ability to record 4:3 or 16:9 pictures - automatically - ensures a long shelf-life for your programme.

Top quality digital audio

4 channels of 20 bit 48kHz digital audio are provided as standard on every Digital Betacam VTR, and each channel can be independently edited. So, you can be sure that your programmes will sound as good as they look.

Easy migration from analogue infrastructures

You can replay your Betacam and Betacam SP cassettes from the DVW-M2000P, to keep revenues flowing from archived material.

More choice for multi-format playback

In addition to the ability to replay analogue Betacam cassettes, the DVW-M2000P can also replay Betacam SX, MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam tapes. So all 625/50 standard definition Betacam-family recordings can be incorporated into your Digital Betacam edit.

Peace of mind even for the toughest operating environments

Digital Betacam recorders and players are in continuous use feeding thousands of “on-air” channels 24 hours a day. Their operation has been well proven over many years, and provides the peace-of-mind you need whatever the application.

Familiar operation and design

Retraining technical and operational people can be a time-consuming business. The operational controls and mechanical design of the DVW-M2000P are familiar to operators and engineers worldwide, keeping training costs to an absolute minimum.

Technical Specifications:

Power Requirements: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 220 W / AC 240 V

Operating Temperature: +5C to +40C (+41F to +104F)

Storage Temperature: -20C to +60C (-4F to +140F)

Humidity: 20% to 90% (relative humidity)

Mass: Approx. 23.5 kg

Dimensions: 427 mm x 174 mm x 544 mm

Recording Format: Digital Betacam (625/50)

Replay Formats: Digital Betacam (625/50)

MPEG IMX (625/50)

Betacam SX (625/50)

Betacam SP (625/50)

Betacam (625/50)

Video Input Signals

Analogue reference BNC with loop through

Analogue composite BNC with loop through

Analogue component 3 x BNC (Y, R-Y, B-Y)

SDI BNC with active loop through

Video Output Signals

Analogue composite 3 x BNC (one with character display)

Analogue component 3 x BNC (Y, R-Y, B-Y)

SDI 3 x BNC (one with character display)

Audio Input Signals

Analogue audio 5 x XLR 3-pin (CH 1 to 4 and CUE)

Digital audio (AES/EBU) 2 x BNC (CH1/2 and CH3/4)

SDI BNC with active loop through

Time Code XLR 3-pin

Audio Output Signals

Analogue audio 5 x XLR 3-pin (CH 1 to 4 and CUE)

Digital audio (AES/EBU) 4 x BNC (CH1/2, CH3/4, CH5/6, CH7/8)

(CH5/6/7/8 are for MPEG IMX playback)

Analogue monitor 2 x XLR 3-pin (assignable from CH 1 to 8)


Time Code XLR 3-pin

Remote Control

RS-422A IN D-sub 9-pin

RS-422A OUT D-sub 9-pin

RS-232C (ISR*) D-sub 9-pin

Video Control D-sub 15-pin

Control panel Circular connector 10-pin

Parallel Remote D-sub 50-pin



Control panel case for remote VTR control



Control panel extension kit







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