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Sony J-H3, HDCAM Compact Player

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Sony J-H3

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To reduce the size and cost of HDCAM off line editing

This machine is the first in a line-up to improve the flexibility, and seriously reduce the cost, of transferring your HDCAM rushes to your on line suite.

This is achieved by a unique combination of small size (same as J series) combined with every useful connection from downconverted SDI, analogue standard definition to i-Link.

A downconverter is included as standard, and it can handle both large and small HDCAM cassettes at 24PsF, 25PsF or 29.97PsF. 24PsF recorded tapes can also be played back at 25P with time code conversion.


Multiple interfaces

The J-H3 has an HDSDI output as well as analogue Y Pb Pr connectors. The built in downconverter supplies SDI and composite outputs, while the XGA computer output feeds a standard PC monitor. The downconverted signal is also provided as as i-Link (IEEE 1394) interface for a DV feed with audio, timecode and remote control of the J-H3

i.Link interface

(Requires optional HKJ-101 i.Link interface board). DV based off-line editing has become an industry norm. In order to bridge the gap between HDCAM tapes and DV, the J-H3 can be equipped with an i.Link connector by installing the HKJ-101 i.Link interface board.

DV video (525/625 depending on SDTV output), audio (2ch or 4ch), timecode, and machine control can be communicated between the J-H3 and a non-linear editor via a single IEEE1394 connection.

Note that machine control is effective for material capturing purposes only, and frame accurate editing is not supported. Tape-to-tape editing between an external VTR is not supported. Crash-recording via i.Link is possible.

Standard computer monitor interface

The J-H3 has an XGA computer output (regular mini 15 pin D-type), so you can display RGB pictures at 1024 x 577 pixels (that is, letterboxed from the native 1024 x 768) on virtually any computer screen or projector. Timecode and safe area markers can be superimposed.

System frequency

The J-H3 supports 24P, 25P (50i) and 29.97P (59.94i) frequencies. Original 24P tapes can also be played back at 25P with time code conversion and sound (pitch is 4% higher). Both the original 24P and the converted 25P timecode can be superimposed on the outputs. In addition there is a 23.98 PsF playback mode that has a 3:2 pulldown engine to provide 59.94i output (in 1080 and 525)

Off line editior connections

In addition to analogue and digital interfaces, the J-H3 also adds features necessary for frame accurate downloading. Included are a reference input (HD and SD), LTC time code output and an RS-422 connector for locking to an external recorder or non linear editor for straight playout applications.


Compact and cost effective HDCAM tape playback

Despite the compact body design, both small and large HDCAM cassettes are handled in a most cost effective viewer and off line feeder with every interface needed.

Wireless remote

Simple FF/REW/PLAY/STOP/EJECT/SEARCH are supported. Search is plus/minus 5 times.

Audio monitoring

This is conveniently by both XLR and RCA phono jacks, as well as a headphone jack. Either tracks 1 and 2, or 3 and 4 can be monitored. The HDSDI and SDI have embedded audio and VITC

i-Link interface

Total plug and play functionality to any 1394 equipped PC.

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