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Sony HDWS280, HDCAM portable video tape recorder with Betacam SP and Betacam SX playback

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Sony HDW-S280

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HDCAM Recorder, half-rack width with Betacam SP and Betacam SX replay capability

Sony recognises that your needs as a programme maker will vary depending upon the type of programme being made. This has driven the development of a multi-format high definition product line-up including HDV for entry-level HD operation, HDCAM for mainstream and prestige productions, CineAlta for 24P applications, and HDCAM SR for productions where only the ultimate quality will suffice.

HDCAM has long been associated with the production of the most prestigious movies, commercials and television programmes. The recent expansion of the HDCAM product line up is now transforming the economics of HD for mainstream television production. New models such as the HDW-730S HDCAM camcorder have made HD acquisition accessible to those working on standard definition budgets.

The HDW-S280/1 portable recorder is the latest addition to the HDCAM line up, and operates at the frame rates used for mainstream and prestige programme creation and distribution. It offers 1080-line HDCAM recording and playback at 50i, 59.94i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF rates, removing the need to hold separate recorders for European and US/Japanese productions.

In addition to AC operation, the HDW-S280/1 can also be battery driven, for use in outside broadcast vehicles, helicopters, cars etc. It also makes business sense even when post production and programme distribution remains at 625/50 standard definition. An inbuilt HD to SD downconverter provides a standard definition output from your high quality HDCAM original recordings.

Compatible replay of Betacam, Betacam SP and Betacam SX tapes completes the feature set to smooth your transition to the world of high definition.


HDCAM recording and playback

HDCAM uses intra-frame DCT compression using a compression ratio of about 7:1. There are four channels of 48kHz digital audio at 20-bit resolution.

Multiple recording frame rates

The HDW-S280/1 can record and replay at 1080/50i, 59.94i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF. Selection of each format is via a set-up menu in the recorder.

Compatible replay of standard definition digital cassettes

Both 625/50 and 525/60 Betacam, Betacam SP and
Betacam SX cassettes can be replayed.

Built-in up and down converters

The HDW-S280/1 has a built in HD to SD downconverter and a built-in SD to HD upconverter. Downconversion allows tapes shot in HDCAM to be output in standard definition for subsequent post production or distribution. Upconversion allows Betacam and Betacam SX material from tape to be output from the
HDW-S280/1 in high definition.

Simple editing operation

Assemble and back-space editing are provided by the
HDW-S280/1. Please note that absolute frame accuracy cannot be guaranteed during editing.

AC, DC and battery operation

The HDW-S280/1 can be operated using mains AC power. It can also accept 12V DC power from an external DC power adapter, and can be run using batteries.

Built-in LCD monitoring

An LCD monitor is built into the front panel of the HDW-S280/1. This can be used to view the video signal input to the recorder, the video signal being replayed from tape or the operational menus of the VTR.

Compact chassis

The HDW-S280/1 uses a half rack width chassis for portable operation, or for installation into locations where space is limited. The HDW-S280/1 can record and replay small cassettes only.

Remote Control

The HDW-S280/1 can be operated using an external controller via its 9-pin interface.


Superb High Definition pictures

HDCAM VTRs are in use around the world for the most prestigious programme productions. The HDW-S280/1 produces great quality pictures and is the ideal companion to the
HDW-730S HDCAM camcorder.

Designed for international productions

The HDW-S280/1 is switchable between 1080/50i, 59.94i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF modes. It brings new opportunities for international production and distribution. You can use the HDW-S280/1 to produce a travel programme for a European audience one day, and a music programme for transmission in the USA or Japan the next.

Business benefits today and tomorrow

When used in an end-to-end high definition production chain, the HDW-S280/1 maintains the exceptional quality of HDCAM from shooting to playout. The HDW-S280/1 also makes business sense when post production and distribution is completed in standard definition. A built-in downconverter within the VTR creates standard definition pictures from HDCAM tapes. These SD pictures can then be replayed into your existing standard definition edit suite for subsequent post production. And users today are recognising that pictures shot in HD and post produced in SD provide a better on screen look than those originated in standard definition.

Peace of mind for High Definition post production

Over 27,000 HDCAM VTRs and camcorders have been sold worldwide, and the number of post houses and broadcast facilities equipped with HDCAM grows every day. HDCAM VTRs have a great track record for rugged and reliable operation around the world.

Ease-of use for minimum re-training

The latest in a long line of digital recorders from Sony, the
HDW-S280/1 retains the ergonomic design and familiar operation of formats such as Digital Betacam. With the HDW-S280/1, you avoid expensive operational retraining and can generate great pictures from day one.

Easier and safer reviewing of material on location

The HDW-S280/1 is ideal for connection to a camcorder for making simultaneous HD recordings on location. Material on location can be checked using the HDW-S280/1, instead of reviewing using the camcorder. Checking material in this way can help prevent accidental erasure of material in the camcorder during the cueing and checking process.

One less copy to make when back in the edit suite

Making a simultaneous recording with an HDW-S280/1 connected to an HDCAM camcorder means one less copy to make when back at base. The on-set copy can also be used for logging of shots on location.

One less picture monitor to carry

An LCD monitor is built into the front panel of the HDW-S280/1. This can be used to monitor video input to the recorder or material being replayed from tape. It can also be used to display the operational menus of the VTR.

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