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SONY PDWHD1500 Professional Disc Recorder

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Sony PDW-HD1500


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The PDW-HD1500 is a compact HD recorder which provides outstanding picture quality of MPEG HD422 as well as an eight-channel (HD-SDI), 24-bit audio recording capability. What's unique about this deck is its ability to operate on AC, DC or power. With its large 4.3-inch* LCD and built-in speaker, it performs as a versatile and high-quality recorder which is suitable for both in-house and field operations. It comes equipped with a multi-format up/down converter, which is highly useful when employing both HD- and SD-format materials at the same time. *Measured diagonally.


  • HD recording at up to 50 Mb/s using MPEG HD422
  • Support for existing XDCAM HD and XDCAM SD formats
  • 1080i and 720P recording
  • Dual-layer disc (50 GB, PFD50DLA) and single-layer disc (23.3 GB, PFD23A) support
  • Long recording time (at 50 Mb/s); Approximately 95 minutes on dual-layer disc and 43 minutes on single-layer disc
  • Thumbnail operation
  • Proxy data and metadata recording
  • Built-in up-conversion to HD from SDI input when recording
  • HD/SD conversion and cross conversion between 1080 and 720 at the output during playback
  • Multi-format compact HD/SD Recorder *Video format (4:2:2 HD 1080 50i, 59.94i) *High-quality eight-channel audio recording
  • Dual optical pick-up for higher-speed file transfer
  • 4.3-inch type* color LCD display *Tilt up front panel
  • VTR-like jog/shuttle operation
  • Video control (via front panel and remote)
  • Compact and lightweight at 13 lb 14 oz (6.3 kg) in a half-rack width
  • AC, DC, or battery powered
  • Ethernet interface
  • i.LINK interface

Supplied Accessories

Operation manual (x 1)

Installation manual (x 1)

XDCAM Application Software CD-ROM (x 1)

Optional Accessories

BKPL551 Battery adaptor
LCPDW1500TH Hard Transit Case for PDW-1500 and PDW-HD1500
PDBKF1500 Standard Definition and 24P Record and Playback Hardware Key for PDW-HD1500
BPL80S Hard Carbon Lithium-Ion Battery pack (83.5Wh)
RCC5G/US RS-422 Cable
RM280 Remote Edit Controller
PDBZUPG02 Advanced Closed Caption Conversion Software Option for PDW-HD1500 and PDW-F1600
PDBK201 PDW-HD1500 MPEG TS Board
PDBKS1500 Standard Definition Record and Playback Hardware Key for PDW-HD1500
BKP-L551 Lithium-ion Battery Adaptor

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