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Sony Multi Core Studio System for Sony Handheld Camcorders(Shown with PMW-EX3 Camcorder)

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The new NIPROS/S26 Multi Core studio system package is designed for use with the Sony hand held HVR/NXR camcorders and PMW-EX1/1R/3 camcorders, by configuring the camcorder for use in studio operations. This package addresses the ever increasing demand for the utilization of the best of handy held camcorder in diverse high definition production environments. The NIPROS/S26 Multi Core studio system can be an ideal choice for the users who plan to use occasionally the camcorder in a studio operation, and who plan to use the camcorder in the studio for emergency or as backup for a system camera. The package offered by Sony includes a NIPROS DS-560 base station unit, a DS-260 camera interface unit, an LVM-89W 8.9" color LCD wide-screen return video monitor, two intercom headsets as well as all necessary interface cables for connection of the hand held camcorder to the DS-260 camera interface unit.


The NIPROS DS-260 CCZ multicore Camera Interface Unit is attached under the handy held camcorder and supplies the following interfaces to the camcorder:
• HD/SD component input from camera /auto detecting (HD/SD)
• Video input (composite or HD-Y) from camera
• RET video (composite or HD-Y) output to LVM-89W
• TALLY out
• Aux (selectable from video output or T/C input)
• Monitor output (composite with power) to LVM-89W
• LANC connector
• 8 pin remote connector
• External audio output
• Analog audio input
• T/C output
• XLR Male 4pin intercom headset jacks (4W x1)
• DC 12V Out (Max.3.0A) for camera accessory
• CCZ 26pin cable connector
The NIPROS DS-560 CCZ multicore Base Station Unit supplies the following interfaces for easy integration to a production studio infrastructure:
• HD/SD component output /auto detecting (HD/SD)
• Video output (composite or HD-Y)
• RET video (composite or HD-Y) input
• TALLY in and out
• Aux (selectable from video input or T/C output)
• HD/SD SDI input x1(with 2 loop through) / auto detecting (SD/HD)
• HD/SD SDI Return input x1(with 2 loop through) / auto detecting (SD/HD)
• Intercom headset jack x1 on the front panel
• Intercom system jacks x4 on the back panel (2-wire x2, 4-wire x2)
• LANC jack for remote control controller (i.e. RM-1000BP)
• 8 pin remote connector (RM-B150/B750)
• External audio input
• Analog audio output (XLR Male 3pin)
•T/C input
• AC power line cord jack
• CCZ 26pin cable connector
The NIPROS LVM-89W return monitor supplies the following interfaces:
• HD/SD analog component input /auto detecting (HD/SD)
• HDMI input
• Composite input & output
• TALLY input
• Return monitor I /F (power)
• DC 12 V input
• 1024 (H) x 600 (V) x 3 (RGB) pixels. TALLY lamp on the front and back both x2. Peaking, Marker, color/mono select.

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