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ID : 1611


Manufacturer: Various
Model Number: Various

Country: Australia

Additional Information & any Notes:
  • 1x PXW-Z150
  •   2x PXW-FS7
  •   1x PXW-FS7 MK II
  •   2x PDW-700
  •   1x AJ-HPX3700
  •   1x AG-HPX500E
  •   1x CA FB70 Fibre adaptor
  •   1x AV-HS50 Switcher
  •   2x HJ17ex7.6BIASE
  •   2x HJ17ex7.6BIRSE
  •   1x HJ22ex7.6BIASE
  •   1x DCP-5108 Riedel panel
  •   1x AK-HRP200 Remote control
  •   1x GS-CU001B MKII Commentary unit
  • 1x CMU21 Commentaryunit
  • 20x P2 64Gb or 60Gb cards

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