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Telex mainframe Audio Comms package x219, price is for everything.

ID : 2150


Manufacturer: Telex/Adams/RTS
Model Number: Telex/Various

Working Condition: Very Good - Excellent working condition, no faults
Physical Condition: Good - fairly worn and/or scratched
Price EX GST: 9500
Negotiable: Yes
Currency: Australian Dollar
Country: Australia

Reason For Sale: No Longer required
Additional Information & any Notes:   Price is for everything.
RTS / Telex LCP102 I/O Level Control 2
Telex Telex Card 10
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd Telex Cross Point Card 16
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd ADAM Mainframe 1
Telex power supply 2
RTS / Telex Replacement ADAM Power Supply ( Required for AIO16,RVON16 1
RTS / Telex Cronus Comms System (32 Port) 2
Sonifex RM-MC1L Monitor Controller, Cut & Dim Buttons 1
Talia MB-630 Meter Bridge 5
CTP Systems dbcs-24-3 Camera Talk-Back Controller 2
CTP Systems 1RU 4 pot passive Volume Control 1
RTS / Telex SSA-324 Two-to-Four Wire Converter System 4
RTS / Telex KP12 Leverkey 4Pin XLR-HdSt 10
Telex KP-12 Comms Panel 1
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd Telex SSA-424 Interface 7
RTS / Telex PS-15 System Power Supply 3
RTS / Telex KP32 Talkback Panel 19
RTS / Telex KP16 Talkback Panel 10
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd 32-Position Program IFB Assignment Panel 2
Clear-Com 4-Wire Interface 2
Telex power supply 3
RTS RTS Belt Pack 10
Riedel 13" gooseneck mic 2
RTS 4030 IFB Systems 1 chl Monitor Beltpack 1
RTS SSA-424 2
JK Audio Multiline Digital Hybrid 1
RTS / Telex PS-15 Power Supply 1
Sonifex HY-03S Sonifex Telephone Hybrid 2
Telex CEC power supply 1
RTS / Telex RTS System Controller Card 2
Jands JANDS Dynamic comms single sided headset XLR4F 9
ASL HS1/D Single-Muff Headset 28
Telex LW Single Intercom Headset 4
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd PH-44 Double sided Lightweight Headset, Dynamic Mic XLR-4M 1
BeyerDynamic DT 109 Double-Muff Headset with Dynamic Microphone 1
Telex Communications (UK) Ltd PH-44 Double sided Lightweight, Headset Dynamic Mic XLR-4F 2
0 Single ear headset - 5 pin female XLR 1
Decent Wally Box 3
RTS / Telex Telex Zeus 24 Port Communication Matrix 1
Clear-Com ICS-92 Matrix Plus 9-Key Display Station 1
RME 8 Channel Mic Pre 1
Wohler VMQ-4 4-Channel Analog Audio Monitor 1
Sonifex RB-MTV1 2
Sonifex RB-DA6 Audio Distribution Amp 1
CTP Systems Camera Talk-Back Controller 1
Mooretronics 3 channel ident and tone generator 2
RTS / Telex SAP612 Source assign panel 1
Yamaha GC2020BII Compressor/Limiter 1
ARX Active Microphone Splitter 2
ARX 8 Channel Audio Balancer/Level Optimizer 1
Behringer Behringer MDX1400 Dyn Proc 1
Behringer Behringer MDX2200 Dyn Proc 1
Behringer XR 2000 Expander/Gate/Ducker 1
Mooretronics Production Camera Communications mixer  Panel 3
Polar Electronic Cavity Filter UHF Talkback TX BW 1
Mooretronics Camera Coms Interface Unit 1
Klark Teknik DN500 Compressor/Limiter 2
Klark Teknik BK2.0 2 Channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate 1
Sony CDP-D11 CD Player 1
Studer DSP Telephone Hybrid 1
Tascam CD-01U Pro 1U rack-mountable CD player 1
DirectOut ANDIAMO 2 MADI AD/DA Converter +9dBu/+18dBu 2
Gearhouse Broadcast LTD Audio Monitor Unit 1
Dolby DP571 Dolby E Encoder 1
Dolby Multichannel Audio Decoder 1
Vortex Audio Monitoring System 1
Euphonix PC253DX Digital Pilot Coputer 1
Telex power supply 1
Telex power supply 1
RTS / Telex TIF2000 single digital hybrid telephone interface 1
RTS / Telex EKP32 Talk Back extension panel black 2
RTS / Telex KP32 Talkback Panel with RVON 1
TELEX Program Assignment Panel 1
Telex Telex RVON-I/O 1

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