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Sony PDW-510P,

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Sony PDW-510P

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Brief Overview:

Professional Disc Camcorder, designed with special consideration for heavy-duty field acquisition, providing excellent picture quality, operability and reliability.


16:9/4:3 Switchable Power HAD?EX CCDs and Progressive Mode

12-bit A/D Conversion

Flexible Image Controls

Extensive Range of Interfaces

Loop Recording

Low-Light Shooting

Supplied Accessories:

Operation manual

PDZ-1 software (x1)

Viewfinder (x1)

Lens cap (x1)

Shoulder belt (x1)

Monaural microphone (x1)

XLR connector cap (x4)


Sony PDW Series camcorders have been designed with special consideration for heavy duty field acquisition, providing excellent picture quality, operability and reliability inherited from the Sony BETACAM?family of acquisition products. In addition to these impressive capabilities, Sony PDW Series camcorders also provide numerous innovative features that take full advantage of the benefits of non-linear disc media. These unique features offer a completely new style of field operation, adding flexibility and efficiency to those operations where quick program completion is a top priority.

Other Features

Thumbnail Search operation
Scene Selection operation
Proxy AV Data recording
Metadata recording: UMID, Extended UMID, Essence Marks
A second LCD screen displays time code, and remaining battery/disc capacity during power on and off.
Four assignable buttons, two on the camera handle and two on the inside panel, enable operators to assign frequently used functions.
Auto Tracing White Balance for automatic adjustments in camera colour temperature according to lighting changes
Interval recording (automatic and manual) intermittently records signals at pre-determined intervals, ideal for recording over long periods.
Memory Stick"?function for storage of camcorder setup files
Slot to accommodate a Sony WRR-855 Series wireless microphone receiver
Optional Ethernet (100Base-TX) Adaptor (CBK-NC01) for Ethernet connection
Camera remote control via Sony RM-B150 and RM-B750 remote control units
Intelligent lighting system synchronizes strobe on/off tithe Rec button.
i.LINK (DV Stream) output from MPEG IMX playback

Technical Specifications:


Mass: Approx 4.1 kg (8 lb 13 oz) 5.8kg with VF/ Mic/ Disc/ BP-IL75 (12 lb 12 oz)

Power requirements: DC 12 V +50 V/-10 V

Power consumption: Approx 37 W (while recording/ including VF/ color LCD off)

Operating temperature: -5 to 40 degrees celcius

Storage temperature: - 20 to +60 degrees celcius

Humidity: 25 to 85% (relative humidity)

Continuous operating time: Approx 90 min w/BP-IL75

Recording format

Video: DVCAM (25 Mbp/s)

Proxy Video: MPEG-4

Audio: DVCAM : 4ch/16bit/48kHz

Proxy Audio: A-law (4ch/ 8bit/ 8kHz)

Recording/ playback time

DVCAM: 85min

Signal inputs

Genlock video: BNC x1/ 10 Vp-p/ 75

Time code input: BNC x1/ 0.5 to 18 Vp-p/ 10 k?

Audio input: XLR-3-31 x2/ line / mic / mic+48V / AES/EBU selectable

Mic input: XLR-3-3 x1

Signal outputs

Video output: BNC x1/ 10 Vp-p/ 75

Video test output: BNC x1/ 10 Vp-p/ 75

Time code output: BNC x1/ 10 Vp-p/ 75

Earphone: Minijack x2 (front: monaural/ rear: monaural/stereo)

Audio output (CH-1/CH-2): XLR-5-pin male (stereo)

Other inputs/ outputs

Lens: 12-pin

Remote: 8-pin

Light: 2-pin/ DC 12 V/ max 50 W

DC input: XLR-4-pin (for the optional AC-550/550CE)

DC output: 4-pin (for wireless microphone receiver)/ DC 12 V (MAX 02A)

Camcorder adapter: 40-pin

i-LINK: 6-pin/ AV/C or SBP2


A/D and D/A quantization: A/D: 20 bits/sample/ D/A: 16 bits/sample

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz/ +05 dB/-10 dB

Dynamic range: More than 85 dB

Distortion: Less than 0.08% (at 1 kHz/ reference level)

Cross talk: Less than -70 dB (at 1 kHz/ reference level)

Wow & flutter: Below measurable limit

Head room: 20 dB (ex-factory setting)

Camera Section

Pickup device: 3-chip 2/3-inch type 16:9 widescreen Power HAD EX CCD

Total picture elements (Effective picture elements): 1038(H) x 1188(V) (980(H) x 582(V)

CCD scan mode: Interlace scan / Progressive scan

Optical system: F1.4 prism

Built-in optical filters: 1 : Through/ 2 : 5600K+1/8ND 3 : 5600K/ 4 : 5600K + 1/64ND

Shutter speed: 1/60/ 1/125/ 1/250/ 1/500/ 1/1000/ 1/2000 sec

Shutter function: CLS/ EVS/ Slow shutter: 1/2 to 1/25 sec (1 to 16 Frame accumlation)

Lens mount: 2/3" 48 bayonet mount

Sensitivity: F11 (at 2000 lx/ 89.9% reflectance/ typical)

Minimum illumination: Approx 0.13 lx (F14 lens/ +48 dB turbo gain/ Shutter off)

Gain selection: -3dB/ 0dB/ 3dB/ 6dB/ 9dB/ 12dB/ 18dB/ 24dB/ 30dB/ 36dB/ 42dB/ 48dB

Smear level: -140 dB (typical)

S/N ratio: -63 dB (typical)

Vertical resolution: 480 TV Lines/530 TV Lines(EVS)

Registration: 0.05% (all zones/ w/o lens)

Geometric distortion: Below measurable level (w/o lens)

Modulation depth at 5MHz: 70% (16:9/ typical) /55%(4:3/ typical)


CRT: 2 inch monochrome


Horizontal resolution: 450 TV lines (16:9)

Microphone: Ultra-directional (detachable)

Built in LCD monitor

LCD: 2.5-inch type Color LCD monitor

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