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Image ID Manufacturer Model Price Currency Negotiable
Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder 2071 Panasonic AJ-PX380G $ AUD Y
Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder
nopic 2077 Sony/Canon FX6-FX3-R5C $ AUD Y
Looking for ILME-FX6/ FX3 or Canon EOS-R5C - Well priced
nopic 2062 MTF MTB4S16SEM $ AUD Y
MTF Services Ltd B4 2/3, manufacture: MTF Services, model: Super 16.
nopic 2059 Old Gear Old Gear $ AUD Y
Old Broadcast Gear Pre-1960 for collection. The older the better. Dont throw it away contact me first
nopic 2051 Sony F5 $ AUD Y
Sony F5 preferably with a VF
nopic 2042 Canon/Fujinon J33/A42 + $ AUD N
Looking for a Long SD Lens simular to a J33/ A42 etc Please let me know what you have.
nopic 1803 Sony HVR-M15 (HVRM15) $ AUD N
Sony HVR-M15AU 1080i HDV DVCAM DV Digital VCR Player Recorder PROGRESSIVE HDV HD - or HVRM25 etc..
nopic 2040 Sony BRC-H900 $ AUD N
looking for Sony BRC-H900 PTZ units and BRBK-IP10 cards
nopic 2002 Zeiss DigiPrime $ AUD Y
Zeiss DigiPrime
nopic 1990 Arri Various $ AUD Y
Master Primes 16 ,18, 25, 35, 50, 75,100 & 135 mm (Individual or Bundles)
nopic 1984 Fujinon HA42x .. $ AUD N
Fujinon Ha42x Lens or similar
nopic 1980 Fujinon HA42x13.5 $ AUD N
Fujinon HA42 X 13.5 lens
nopic 1974 Sony PXW-X500 (PXWX500) $ AUD Y
Looking for a well priced Sony PXW-X500 Camcorder
nopic 1964 Sony Various $ AUD Y
Beta SP player in good working order and be able to play large BCT 60 MLA and small BCT 30Ma cassettes without damaging our Masters
nopic 1913 Sony Various $ AUD N
Looking For a player for Mini DV/Video 8/ Hi 8, Digital 8 Tapes.
nopic 1911 Arri Alexa Mini $ AUD Y
Alexa Mini? (Not LF, just standard)
nopic 1908 Canon/Fujinon 21/22/23/24x $ AUD Y
HD 21x - 24x 2/3" ENG Lenses.
Sony RM-150 Remote contol Unit. 1902 Sony RM-B150 $ AUD Y
Sony RM-150 Remote contol Unit.
nopic 1894 Cooke Various $ AUD N
Cooke T.20, CXX Zoom for 35mm/Super35 Cinematography Lens
nopic 1888 Canon SUP-100 $ AUD Y
Canon SUP-100 Support Bracket
nopic 1853 Sony Various $ AUD Y
Sony Beta SP Player
nopic 1852 Sony Various $ AUD Y
Sony Beta SP VTR
nopic 1819 Canon HJ22 IASE $ AUD Y
Do you know of any Canon HJ22 IASE lenses? We are in need of 3 or 4 units.
nopic 1796 Sony/Various PDW700/F800 PMW350/P2 $ AUD N
Chasing pdw700s/f800s or pmw350s and P2s 2/3 lens type only.
nopic 1724 Sony PMW500 $ AUD Y
Sony PMW500 Camcorder.
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor 1550 Sony PVM-20L5 $ AUD Y
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor
nopic 1702 Sony U-matic (Umatic) $ AUD Y
Looking for a good working U-matic. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
nopic 1681 Various Various $ AUD Y
Mini DV Player, please let me know if you have one for sale
nopic 1540 Sony PMW-400 (PMW400) $ AUD Y
Sony PMW-400 Camcorder with or without lens
nopic 1498 Sony HDW-1200 $ AUD N
Sony HDW-HD1200 VTR's, If you have any HD Sony VTR's please get in touch.

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