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Image ID Manufacturer Model Price Currency Negotiable
nopic 1736 Sony PDW-700 PDW-800 (PDW700/800) $ AUD N
Sony PDW700 or PDW800s also Panasonic HPX300 or HPX3100
nopic 1735 Sony PVM-L3200 (PVML2300) $ AUD Y
SONY PVML3200 - 32-inch Broadcast LCD Monitor or Equivilant
nopic 1734 Sony HXC-100R (HXC100R) $ AUD N
. And a standard canon lens for the camera with an internal zoom motor and an internal focus motor, as well as a zoom, focus handle.
nopic 1732 Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm $ AUD N
Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm S35 Cinema Zoom with Advanced Kit 1 ANG-EZ-ENG-ADVANCED1
nopic 1731 Leica Various $ AUD Y
Leica Cine Lens Set
nopic 1730 Various Various $ AUD Y
I am looking for Lomo Squarefront Anamorphics
nopic 1729 Sony PXW-FS5 (PXWFS5) $ AUD N
I am after a fs5, 2nd hand. Need one to match up with my current fs5
nopic 1726 Various S-VHS (SVHS) $ AUD Y
SVHS Player/Recorder - Please let me know if you have one for sale.
nopic 1724 Sony PMW500 $ AUD Y
Sony PMW500 Camcorder.
nopic 1723 Various Various $ AUD Y
high end consumer CRT's, PVM'S and BVM's. I am also interested in certain CRT test equipment (pattern generators etc) and RGB analog switching equipment
nopic 1722 Optics IB/2 $ AUD Y
I'm on the lookout for a used .. (IB/E Optics 2x PL extender)..
nopic 1721 Fujinon XK6X20 $ AUD Y
Fujinon XK20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio Premier Lens
BVM, PVM, old Broadcast monitor 1719 old bvm WANTED WANTED $ AUD Y
BVM, PVM, old Broadcast monitor
nopic 1715 Sony BKM-16R BKM-17R (BKM16R-BKM17R $ AUD Y
Sony BKM 16R or BKM 17R monitor remote unit
nopic 1713 Sony/JVC/Panasonic Various $ AUD Y
20" CRT Monitor - please get in touch if you have one.
nopic 1712 Sont F900R $ AUD Y
Looking for a Sony Sony HDW-F900R CineAlta 24P HDCAM or simular
nopic 1709 Sony PVW/UVW Beta sp $ AUD Y
Sony Beta SP PLayer
nopic 1708 Sony DVW500P DVWA500P J30SDI $ AUD Y
Looking for a Sony Digital Betacam Player. DVW500P A500P J30 etc.
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor 1550 Sony PVM-20L5 $ AUD Y
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor
nopic 1705 Sony HXR-NX70 (HXRNX70) $ AUD Y
We are looking for a Sony NX70 to match some others we have
nopic 1702 Sony U-matic (Umatic) $ AUD Y
Looking for a good working U-matic. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
nopic 1699 Lens Lens $ AUD Y
SD Lens 33x barrell would be great, but a 50x box would be good also and any decent 10x4 or something wide also, b4 mount for sony HXC
nopic 1692 Sony HDW1800/M2000/a500P/500P $ AUD Y
Sony VTR preferbaly to play HDCam & Betacam simular to a HDW-18800 or HDW-M2000. Please also let me kow if you have a Digi Beta or HDcam seperate units.
nopic 1689 Various Various $ AUD Y
Im in the market for small Sony card xd type camcorder a small one as I have some work coming up in the Pacific Islands similar to the HNX nx cam
nopic 1688 Canon C300II (C300MK2) $ AUD Y
Canon C300II (M2) please let me know if you have one.
nopic 1682 Various Various $ AUD Y
Looking for vintage analog mixing console (Soundcraft 400, 500, 600, Tascam M600, M502, M320 etc etc) let me know what you have.
nopic 1681 Various Various $ AUD Y
Mini DV Player, please let me know if you have one for sale
nopic 1676 Sony PMWF5 $ AUD Y
Sony PMW-F5.. Cheap and working condition
nopic 1672 Miller DS20 $ AUD N
Miller DS20 - 25 etc..
nopic 1666 Sony PMW350 or PMW500 $ AUD Y
Sony PMW-350 or PMW-500 Camcorder