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Image ID Manufacturer Model Price Currency Negotiable
nopic 1804 Canon/Fujinon 21x/ 22x/ 23x $ AUD Y
Canon or Fujinon 21x/ 22x/ 23x lenses.
nopic 1803 Sony HVR-M15 (HNRM15) $ AUD N
Sony HVR-M15AU 1080i HDV DVCAM DV Digital VCR Player Recorder PROGRESSIVE HDV HD - or HVRM25 etc..
nopic 1913 Sony Various $ AUD N
Looking For a player for Mini DV/Video 8/ Hi 8, Digital 8 Tapes.
nopic 1911 Arri Alexa Mini $ AUD Y
Alexa Mini? (Not LF, just standard)
nopic 1908 Canon/Fujinon 21/22/23/24x $ AUD Y
HD 21x - 24x 2/3" ENG Lenses.
Sony RM-150 Remote contol Unit. 1902 Sony RM-B150 $ AUD Y
Sony RM-150 Remote contol Unit.
nopic 1895 Sony PXW-FX9VK (PXWFX9VK) $ AUD Y
Sony PXW-FX9 preferably with lens but happy to take without. New/Used/Demo etc
nopic 1894 Cooke Various $ AUD N
Cooke T.20, CXX Zoom for 35mm/Super35 Cinematography Lens
nopic 1888 Canon SUP-100 $ AUD Y
Canon SUP-100 Support Bracket
nopic 1879 SONY PMW Shoulder Camcorder $ AUD Y
Wamnted - Sony PMW Shoulder Camcorder. PMW 320, 350, 400, 500 ?
nopic 1863 Sony PMW-500 (PMW500) $ AUD Y
Sony PMW-500 Camcorder
Sony UTX-P1 wireless transmitters, frequency range 30-33. 1860 Sony UTX-P1 $ AUD Y
Sony UTX-P1 wireless transmitters, frequency range 30-33.
nopic 1859 Sony RM-B170 $ AUD N
Sony RM-B170 Remote Control
nopic 1853 Sony Various $ AUD Y
Sony Beta SP Player
nopic 1852 Sony Various $ AUD Y
Sony Beta SP VTR
Fujinon ACM-21 1851 Fujinon ACM-21 $ AUD Y
Fujinon ACM-21
nopic 1844 JVC GY-HM700E or Simular $ AUD Y
Looking for a JVC-GY-HM700 or simular
nopic 1834 Various Various $ AUD Y
Viewfinders. Either the OLED or LCD series. Wedge plates and 20 pin cables. Roadcased would be nice. Multiple Canon zoom demands for HJ series lenses. Sony ACDN10 or ACDN2B power supplies
nopic 1833 Fujinon UA46x9.5BERD $ AUD Y
Fujinon UA46x9.5BERD 46X broadcast zoom lens
nopic 1819 Canon HJ22 IASE $ AUD Y
Do you know of any Canon HJ22 IASE lenses? We are in need of 3 or 4 units.
nopic 1817 Sony VHS-C $ AUD Y
I'm seeking a VHS-C player with RCA outs or an adapter such as VHS-C to VHS cassette adapter
nopic 1815 Sony/JVC/Panasonic Various $ AUD N
24" or around that size studio Monitor, not to expensive.
nopic 1811 Fujinon/Canon Various $ AUD N
Lenses 33x to 42x, please let me know if you have any long lenses for sale.
nopic 1796 Sony/Various PDW700/F800 PMW350/P2 $ AUD N
Chasing pdw700s/f800s or pmw350s and P2s 2/3 lens type only.
nopic 1784 Sony HDVF-C550w $ AUD Y
Sony HDVF-C550w Electronic Viewfinder- USED
nopic 1734 Sony HXC-100R (HXC100R) $ AUD N
. And a standard canon lens for the camera with an internal zoom motor and an internal focus motor, as well as a zoom, focus handle.
nopic 1724 Sony PMW500 $ AUD Y
Sony PMW500 Camcorder.
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor 1550 Sony PVM-20L5 $ AUD Y
** WANTED ** Sony CRT PVM or BVM Monitor
nopic 1705 Sony HXR-NX70 (HXRNX70) $ AUD Y
We are looking for a Sony NX70 to match some others we have
nopic 1702 Sony U-matic (Umatic) $ AUD Y
Looking for a good working U-matic. Please let me know if you have one for sale.