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Sony HDC-P50 4K / HD compact POV system camera

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Sony HDC-P50 (HDCP50)

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 4K / HD compact POV system camera

The HDC-P50 is a light and compact POV system camera. Integrating perfectly with HD infrastructure, existing lenses and accessories, it offers ambitious filmmakers new creative opportunities for their HD productions, 4K and HDR. 

This lightweight and compact POV camera system has the first system composed of three CMOS sensors 4K 2/3 "with global shutter that produces exceptional image with an amazing sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

With an alignment ultra-high-precision technology, an innovative prism welcomes three 4K sensors, reaching a color space ITU-R BT.2020 extended, in line with new broadcast standards. Therefore, the HDC-P50 offers images of very high quality in production environments Live 4K / HDR demanding.

The camera is able to directly output crisp, clear images in 4K HDR * directly from the camera head without the need for a separate processing unit. Standalone or in a multi-camera shooting setup, the HDC-P50 can be mounted on a crane or used as a fixed camera. It also adapts to a wide variety of shooting situations, such as camera stabilizer, tripodless, wireless shooting, or helicopter aerial footage. 

* The 4K HDR feature requires a 4K HZC-UHD50 license.


Next Generation Imaging

The HDC-P50 is equipped with the world's first 4K 2/3 "CMOS sensor with global shutter technology that eliminates the" jello "effect and bright stripes. This new generation sensor captures perfect 4K images with a noise level low sensitivity, high sensitivity and high dynamic range, while reaching the expanded ITU-R BT.2020 color space, which complies with the new broadcast standards. This technology is associated with a new digital signal processing incredible imaging power of this revolutionary sensor.

Light, compact, quiet and energy efficient

The HDC-P50 delivers impressive imaging performance in a lightweight, compact camera package - ideal for space-constrained environments such as crane shooting, helicopter-mounted media, or fixed camera. Its low power consumption * is accompanied by minimal operating noise. 

* The HDC-P50 is powered by a local power source only.

Wide color space and wide dynamic range

The HDC-P50's advanced optical system supports the ITU-R BT.2020 color gamut, enabling exceptionally rich and accurate color reproduction in live broadcasts. From sporting events to concerts, to other special events, experience the difference with vivid, natural-looking images that make you feel like you're really at the scene. The HDR function is available for simultaneous 4K and HD live recordings using the S-Log3 process.

Dual optical filters with servo

The dual optical filter wheel with neutral density (ND) and color correction (CC) servo control * opens the way for greater freedom of creation when lighting conditions vary. Both filters can be controlled from a remote control panel or a master configuration unit.

Seamless integration with Sony HD workflows

The HDC-P50 complements the famous line of Live production solutions in the HDC series. It has direct compatibility with a wide range of accessories, remote control panels and camera control units. The camera is also designed to integrate with other manufacturers' control systems.

Easy migration from HD to 4K

The HDC-P50 fits perfectly into Sony's growing Live 4K production environment. With an optional software update, the camera can record in 4K format for different HD and 4K outputs.

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