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Panasonic AG-HMX100 Digital Video Mixer

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Panasonic AG-HMX100

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The AG-HMX100 can operate as a 3D video switcher with dual SDI signal inputs from 3D cameras. It comes with two pairs of inputs and one pair of output s for 3D video signals. A 3D live switching system can be configured by combining two or more 3D cameras and 3D projector systems. Supports both the simultaneous and side-by-side 3D video output systems.

•7 video inputs: SDI (HD/SD switchable) x 4 channels, HDMI (HD only/HDCP and VIERA Link not supported) or video (composite) x 2 channels, and a DVI-I input capable of inputting motion or still images from a PC. This provides up to 7 channels of video input.
• 6 video outputs: 4 SDI outputs (Program (PGM), Preview (PVW), Multipurpose (AUX), and Multi-View), and 2 DVI-D outputs (Program (PGM) and Multi-View).
• Transitions: Over 100 wipe patterns and mixes combine with effects like chroma keying, luminance keying, DSK, and fading. M/E preview and DSK preview are also supported.
• Digital Effects: Built-in digital effects include mosaic, defocus, monocolor, still, strobe, multi-strobe, decay, paint, negative and mirror. Still, strobe and multi-strobe effects allow selection of field or frame displays.
• 10 audio inputs: Select up to 8 audio inputs from 4 SDI embedded audio inputs (L/R), 2 HDMI embedded audio inputs (L/R), and 4 XLR audio inputs (L/R). You can mix the 10 audio sources, including AUX input and MIC input, using a fader control.
• Audio output: SDI embedded audio is output from PGM, PVW, and AUX terminals, and has XLR (L/R) and pin terminal (L/R) analog outputs.
• Audio effects: Pan, 3 band equalizer, voice changer (pitch/level), and mute.
• Level meter: Displayed as a Multi-View overlay on the LCD screen.
• The Multi-View function and Multi-View output terminal (SDI/DVI-D) provide a split display of the PVW, PGM, and all source images on a single screen. Displays of each of the input signal names and audio level meters can also be overlaid. The built-in Waveform Monitor (WFM) function displays the waveforms of video Y signals, allowing multi-channel systems to be operated with a single monitor.
• Pattern preset: Up to 7 transition patterns and 6 key patterns can be directly registered, for retrieval with a single touch.
• Event memory: Records the setting conditions of the effects.
Over 100 settings can be stored in memory, and instantly retrieved with pattern numbers.
• Key learn: Records and retrieves the key frame settings (positions/levels/modifiers) and reproduces animation effects. Up to 20 patterns can be stored in memory, with a maximum of 20 frames per pattern.
• Joystick controller: Enables intuitive operation of effect position setting and color correction/color selection.
• Numerical keypad: For setting numbers, such as pattern numbers.
• Tally: Outputs support up to eight input sources. Ideal for live relays.
• GPI: Visual effects including key/transition, downstream key, and fading can be externally controlled with GPI trigger signal inputs.
• AUX output: Select from PGM/PVW/Multiview output signals, or an SDI/HDMI input through-out signal.
• Power-saving design: HD images are supported, while power consumption is decreased by 15% compared to our previous SD-Type AG-MX70 model.
• Power management: This function automatically switches the power off when there is no input or operation for a preset period of time. Can be powered on with a secondary switch on the control panel.

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