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Sony AWS-G500HD HD Live Content Producer

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Sony AWS-G500HD

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The AWS-G500HD Anycast Station High Definition Live Content Producer is a portable live production switcher. This all-in-one unit comprises a high definition video switcher, an audio mixer, a large LCD display, and a streaming encoder and server. It accepts a variety of inputs from PCs, cameras, VCRs and Hard Disk Drives. It mixes audio and offers ME capabilities.

Items Included
1 x Installation Guide
4 x BNC Adapter
1 x BKAW-560 Input Module
2 x BKAW-590 Input Module


Format, High Definition
Resolution, 1280x1024 @ 100 MHz
Quantization,8 Bit
Sampling, 4:2:2

Sampling, 48 kHz
Quantization, 24 Bit Processing

Input and Output Connectors:
Video In: Component Video x2, for HDV Camcorders, on HD-15
HDSDI Video x2, with embedded audio, on BNC connectors
Audio In: Embedded Audio, with HDSDI signal
Video Out: Component Video x2, for HDV Camcorders, on HD-15
HDSDI Video x2, with embedded audio, on BNC connectors
Audio Out:, embedded audio, within HDSDI signal
Network, RJ-45
USB x2, USB A, 1.1
Remote, RS-232, 9-Pin
Factory Use, HD-15
Memory Stick, Slot
VISCA Camera Control, 8-Pin

6 Stereo Channel Mixing
Channel Faders and Master Fader
Talkback Microphone
6 Video Inputs Switching on PGM and PVW Buses
Mix and Effects Channel
Web Streaming
Device Control for HDD and Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Power Requirements : 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 42.4 x 35.4 x 11.4cm
Weight : 7 kg

Video Switcher
-1280 x 1024 100-MHz/4:2:2 8-bit processing
-6 primary inputs plus one still picture source
-1 ME with 1 keyer including Chroma Keying
-1 DSK + 1 fixed station logo
-16 wipe patterns

Audio Mixer
-48 kHz/24-bit processing
-6 stereo channel input mixing
-6 channel faders and 1 master fader

Access Buttons
Pressing an access button calls up the control
menus of the associated input to the LCD screen.
A variety of video and audio parameter settings
can be made.

Mixer Output Controls
Provides controls for the audio monitor output level,
built-in speakers, and headphone output, talkback
On/Off, and dimmer On/Off of an intercom. The audio
signal to be monitored between PGM, AUX1, AUX2,
and MIX.

On-line Button
Triggers or stops the following functions:
-Streaming distribution
-Recording of input sources or PGM output to
compatible hard disk drives
-Recording of PGM output to i.LINK-compatible
-Creating of video-on-demand files of the
streaming content
*not available in HD mode

Menu Operation/Camera Control
General menu selection/settings are made using the
menu button and jog roller.
This area also provides control functions for
compatible Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras.
The position controller allows Pan/Tilt control of
compatible Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras while the
ten keys are for camera position memory store/recall.
VISCA control is used to provide Pan, Tilt, Zoom,
Iris, Focus, and White Balance control functions.

Device Control
Provides basic and jog/shuttle control functions of
external hard disk drives and i.LINK-compatible
VTRs used for playing back video material.
The jog and shuttle dials are also used for focus
and zoom control of compatible Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Talkback Microphone
Used for talkback purposes. An intercom connector
is also provided on the rear panel should the use
of an intercom system be preferred.

Wireless Keyboard (Turned Over)
Used to create still text for superimposition on the
program output, type video source names prior to
the live event, as well as setting up IP addresses for
streaming destinations.

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