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Fujinon UA23X7.6BERD-S10 4K Premier Tele Lens with Full Servo and 2x Extender with SS-13B Servo kits

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Fujinon UA23X7.6BERD-S10

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The UA23X7.6BERD-S10 4K Premier Tele Lens with Full Servo and 2x Extender from Fujinon is a 7.6 to 175mm servo zoom lens designed to provide 4K+ compatible images. This lens has a 23x zoom ratio, and its integrated 2x extender effectively doubles the focal range to 15.2 to 350mm. Image distortions are suppressed even at the ultra-wide 7.6mm focal length, and its high-resolution imaging remains consistent with the periphery of the frame. This lens has been updated with the latest S10 digital servo drive that features enhanced performance and FIZ performance data output for precision position detection in virtual production.

An internal focus design minimizes the effects of lens breathing, and a handheld-style focus/zoom servo is included. The nine-blade rounded iris helps produce natural-looking "bokeh" (out-of-focus highlights). The UA23X7.6BERD-S10 incorporates 16-bit encoders for compatibility with virtual systems, and its QuickZoom feature enables a one-push zoom-in for focus checking.

Key Features

  • Zoom lens for 2/3" cameras, with 7.6 to 175mm standard range and 15.2 to 350mm with 2x extender
  • 23x zoom ratio with built-in 2x extender
  • Higher than 4K-compatible resolution is maintained at the wide end and to the periphery of the image
  • Fast f/1.8 maximum aperture at 7.6 to 119mm and f/2.6 at 175mm
  • Digital servo for focus and zoom; 16-bit encoders for use with virtual systems
  • The QuickZoom feature zooms into the telephoto end with one push for focus checking

Fujinon SS-13 Overview

The Fujinon SS-13 is a full servo (SS = servo/servo) rear lens controller kit for high definition and broadcast ENG/EFP lenses. The kit consists of mounting clamps and zoom/focus demand. The SS-13 covers the complete range of servo zoom/focus functions and is useful in both field recording and broadcast environments, including live event and sports coverage.

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