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Firestore FS100, 100 GIG Portable Recorder for Panasonic DV to DVCPro50 HD

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firestore FS100

FS-100 FireStore Portable Recorder

100GB hard drive that provides 1.5 hours of

DVCPRO HD recording time.

Weighing about one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the FireStore FS-100 is an HD recorder designed to work with the new Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 camera, supporting DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO/DV recording formats. The FS-100 provides long recording times and improves workflow with Direct To Edit. technology. It can also be used with other Panasonic DVCPRO/DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD devices that have a FireWire port.

The FireStore FS-100 interfaces with the Panasonic AG-HVX200 camcorder using a single FireWire cable that passes audio, video, timecode, and control information, allowing you to simultaneously record to disk and P2 card. It also includes a comprehensive backlit display, menu system, and buttons that provide easy control and management.

Robust Storage and Management

The FireStore FS-100 comes standard with a 100GB hard drive that provides 1.5 hours of DVCPRO HD recording time. You can also extend recording time by linking multiple FireStore FS-100 units together. A 10-second electronic shock cache ensures that you never lose footage, even in the roughest of conditions. And the FireStore FS-100 makes it easy to categorize clips by placing them in prenamed folders on the disk while you shoot.

Nonlinear Editing System Compatibility

No matter which nonlinear editing (NLE) system you have, the FireStore FS-100 has you covered. When in DVCPRO HD or DVCPRO 50 mode, files are recorded to disk in P2 MXF format. When in DVCPRO/DV mode, files are recorded as RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, QuickTime 24p, Avid OMF, Pinnacle AVI, or P2 MXF file formats. Simply connect the FireStore FS-100 to your Mac or PC editing system like a normal FireWire hard disk drive and you are instantly ready to edit -- no capturing, file transfer, or file conversion is required. Just shoot and edit.

Perfect for the Field

With a removable, rechargeable battery and advanced features such as time lapse, retro disk recording, and scene marking, the FireStore FS-100 Portable DTE Recorder is the perfect companion to the AG-HVX200 for both HD and SD production. When on location, the power, flexibility, and field upgradability of the FireStore FS-100 make it second to none.
  • Optimized for the AG-HVX200
  • Records over 100 minutes for all DVCPRO formats including HD
  • FS-100 units can be easily daisy-chained for longer recording times
  • Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology with P2 MXF compatibility
  • Small enclosure weighing app 1 lb.
  • Removable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
  • Advanced features include time lapse, retro-disk recording
  • Field upgradeable with future support for thumbnails

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