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Feb 2022

ID : 1858


Manufacturer: Feb 2022
Model Number: Feb 2022

Country: Australia

Additional Information & any Notes:
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1857 Sony PDW-700 camera (112 Laser hrs on new laser) No Known issues      
  Fujinon HA23X7.6BEZD-T5DD 7.6-175mm f/1.8-2.65 Premier HD ENG Style Telephoto Lens, 23x Zoom      
  Fujinon ZA12x4.5-BRM-M58 12x 2/3" HDTV Lens      
  Miller Arrow 55 or 50  Head 100mm, Miller Solo 3ST CF Legs - airline carry case      
  Miller Arrow 55 or 50  Head 100mm, Miller 3ST CF Leg with mid spreader - airline carry case      
  2 x Dedos Lights in Pelican Case      
  2 x Lowel Lights in Pelican Case      
  2 x Fluros      
  2 Red Heads with Soft Box      
  2 x led battery and 240 volt lights      
  2 x portable blue/ green screens.      
  12 x lithium batteries - all great condition      
  Wally Dolly      
  Chrosziel Matte Box      
  Looking to sell as a package but may consider splitting - Contact for details - package Price    $20,000  
1816 ARRI AMIRA KIT INCLUDING EF & PL Mounts. Great condition kit with very limited use as reflected in the operating hours 550hrs. Economy License with 4K UHD Upgrade.   $30,000  
1855 Fujinon 13x4.5BERM-48B wide angle lens in excellent condition. Only used a handful of times the entire time I've had it. Comes in a protective Pelican (like) case, camera has lens caps as well.   $3,500  
1856 Canon ZSD-300D Zoom Demand with tripod handle clamp in excellent working order. Only used 3 times and kept in protective case when not in use.   $1,200  
1660 2 x Ross NK-MD72 SD/HD Routers with NK-IPS Control Interface & RCP-NK1 Remote Control Panels. EACH   $7,500  
1849 2 x Zaxcom Nomad 12 track digital recorder - Each   $1,500  
1850 Zaxcom RX4900 Block 26 12 volt DC rack mount 4x digital receivers   $500  
1846 Roland V-800HD Multi-format Video Switcher   $2,500  
1847 BARCO PDS-902 Seamless Switcher   $1,500  
1848 Kramer VS-66HDCPXL 6x6 DVI Matrix   $1,495  
1839 Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera with Optitek EF adapter   $4,900  
1720 TWIN - Sony DNW-A25P Betacam SX Portable Editing Recorders - PAL (Good working Condition)   $450  
1843 Sony PVM-20L1 20-Inch Production Monitor with 600 Lines, NTSC/PAL   $950  
1304 Avid media fiber Storage units for sale.. Approx 60 TB's. Comes with spare drives, Licence, Fiber switch etc. Or use it for just the storage. Approx 240kg   $400  
  Here are some deals from my colleagues, prices include delivery and 12 months warranty for "New" and " as New" and 3 Months for "Used". Please contact for further details and confirmed pricing and ETA.   Price EX B&H Price
As New Fujinon UA46x9.5 BERD  4K lens (open box demo - brand new) comes with ALH-127A-01A demo supporter and SS-13B brand new full servo controls   $59,369 $127,667
New Fujinon HA42x9.7 BERD 2/3" 42x ENG HDTV Lens with Built-In Stabilizer - brand new set (comes with ALH-127A-01A supporter, SS-13B full servo controls)    $49,424 $96,799
Used Fujinon serviced HA42 X 9.7 2/3" 42x ENG HDTV Lens with Built-In Stabilizer (Used) set   $28,050 $96,799
New Fujinon HA42x13.5 BERD High-definition Telephoto Lens - brand new set (April delivery, comes with ALH-127A-01A supporter, SS-13B full servo controls)   $49,424 $120,431
Used Fujinon serviced HA42 X 13.5  set for (in stock with supplier)   $32,618 $120,431
As New Fujinon 18-85 T2 (HK4.7x18-FA) T2 Premier Hollywood series PL zoom lens with super-fact T2 aperture throughout the zoom range    $60,118 $109,715
New Fujinon XA77x9.5 BESM HD box lens with ELH-112B-35A supporter and SS-21DB full servo controls - x2 (no hard case) - Each   $67,109 $152,778
New Fujinon UA23x7.6 BERD brand new 4K lens x2 available - Each   $20,396 $52,771
New Fujinon UA14x4.5 BERD brand new 4K lens   $23,451 $50,624
As New Fujinon 25-300 PL T3.5 to T3.85 Cabrio zoom Lens with servo unit like-new set    $43,328 $55,549
Used Fujinon 25-300 PL T3.5 to T3.85 Cabrio zoom Lens with servo unit (Used)   $31,106 $55,549
New Fujinon HA23x7.6BERM ENG Lens with Digital Servo Zoom - Brand new HD lens   $14,285 $45,999
New Canon HJ40 X 10 with SS41 IASD, and SUP supporter    $47,896 $108,051
New Canon HJ40 X 14, with SS41 IASD, and SUP supporter    $47,896 $114,638
New Fujinon HA14x4.5BERM ENG Style Lens with Servo Zoom and Doubler -  brand new lens    $14,285 $35,374
Used Fujinon HA14 BERD very lightly used lens (full servo)   $14,285 $43,749
New Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM brand new HDTV lenses x 2 available - each   $5,882 $10,410
Used Fujinon HA23x7.6BERD ENG Lens with Digital Servo for Focus and Zoom -very lightly used full servo HD lens    $14,285 $48,311
New Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM ENG Style Lens with Servo Zoom - used semi servo HD lens    $9,701 $32,607
Used Fujinon HA18 BERM Premier Series ENG/EFP Lens - semi servo used   $6,646 $34,374
Used anon HJ17EX6.2 IRSE Portable HDTV ENG  semi servo used lens    $4,354 $35,124
Used Fujinon HA13 X 4.5 BERM wide angle HD zoom lens (2 used sets) each   $3,100 N/A
As New Canon HJ40x14BIASD-V, with SUP-300, ZSD-300D, FPD-400D, stabilizer cable, case    $31,106 $114,638
As New Canon HJ14ex4.3BIASE-C, superb condition    $12,619 $46,478
As New Canon HJ17ex6.2BIASE , superb condition    $10,939 $41,667
As New Fujinon ZK25-300mm T3.5 to T3.85 Cabrio Lens with ! Drive Unit   $35,536 $55,549
Used Fujinon XA88x8.8 full set, supporter, remotes, 2 cases, directly from Fujinon Service with documents   $51,364 N/A
Used 2 x Sony HDCU-2500 Sony Half-Rack-Size Camera Control Unit for HDC2000 Series Cameras   $11,100 $41,667
  Let us know if there is anything you are looking for and I will place it on my wanted list and ask around.      
  SONY Dual Channel URX-P03D Receiver, also hot shoe if possible      
  Sony Umatic/ Digi Beta/ Beta SP Players      
  Mini DV/ DVCam/ HDV Players      
  Sony Trinitron CRT Monitors from 14" to 20+ "      
  Sony PXW-Z280 Camcorder      
  HD/4k  Lenses      

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